Namma Modular Toilet

For ensuring a step towards Government of India’s Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, GES has installed Namma Toilet Block on Platform no. 2 of Vadodara Railway Station. Namma is a Kannada word meaning “Our”. So Namma (OUR) Toilet is a modular toilet solution with an objective of eradicate and tackle issue of open defecation. It is a holistic toilet encompassing needs of special people, women, children and men. Platform no. 2 is witnessing heavy traffic of train and thus contributing to more human footfall. Hence this Modular toilet installed over here will benefit the public at large. The installed Namma Toilet block has 4 urinals, 2 toilets for men, 1 toilet for women and 1 toilet for physically challenged, “Divyang” people and is equipped with 3 dustbins.