Uday Shaala Project

  • Five Government Primary Schools located at remote locations in Chhotaudepur District of Gujarat have been adopted. Nine teaching volunteers are working in these schools with an aim to strengthen quality of teaching through remedial coaching to the students of class 6, 7 and 8, along with the regular classes of English, Maths, Science, Gujarati and Computer. The impact is evident as these schools have shown improved gunnotsav ratings and 96 students qualified in National Merit cum means Scholarship (NMMS) exams out of which 8 students have achieved merit positions. Students of class 8 from these five schools have been successfully mapped to pursue further studies at Free School Homes by AIM For Seva, a NGO providing opportunities to such students. Further, along with academic interventions, extracurricular activities, regular meeting with parents, Summer camps and capacity building programs for teaching volunteers is an added feature of Uday Shaala project.

Science on Wheels

  • Community Science Centre of Vadodara has been equipped with a mobile van customised to spread awareness about science in our daily lives. It travels to remote rural and tribal areas where it demonstrates through experiments to help participants to understand basic scientific concepts. This also helps in growth of rational and scientific temper that helps in eradication of superstitious beliefs among students and local community. Project leaders also addresses burning issues such as, climate change, biodiversity conservation, etc. During a brief period of 8 months it has covered schools of 14 villages touching around 1000 lives at present.

Initiatives at Dahej

  • Smart Anganwadi has been constructed in partnership with Jolva Gram Panchayat. This would benefit women and pre-school children of the village. Similar project is under consideration for other villages like Rahiyad and Kalaadra villages. Library refurbishment at Rahiyad village has become a reading hub for the elderly, youth and children of the village. Around 775 children from tribal community residing at ashram shaala in Atali villages were supported by providing them basic utility items. Schools of these villages have been supported through various initiatives like providing computers, notebooks, sports equipment etc.